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Why it is so important to use parental control tools on the internet for minors

Before telling you which are the best parental control programs for minors, I want to tell you why it is so important to use them.

In this post I will tell you what are the main dangers of social networks for children , but I want to influence these points.

Typically, the main dangers of the internet for children are:
1. Cyberbulling

Unfortunately, cyberbullying is usually one of the great dangers of the internet.

There are parental control apps that allow parents to receive automatic alerts when inappropriate content is detected.

Social media has advantages, but also disadvantages.

And is that inappropriate use can lead to blackmail, threats and bribes.

All this type of harassment can be prevented, and one way to do it is by supervising our children.

Because it is likely that on many occasions, they themselves do not tell that they are being subjected to bullying, etc.

Either out of shame or out of fear itself. That is why we have to be by their side.
2. Data theft

Identity theft and data theft on social networks is the order of the day.

There are people who are dedicated to creating false profiles on social networks with the consequences that it can unleash.

That is why it is also essential to control all aspects related to digital privacy.
3. Sextortion

A very revealing fact that I read about Kasperksy ( one of the best antivirus for PC ) was:

“35% of parents do not know what their children do on the internet”

There are many sexual “predators” on the internet and we have to be able to protect our children.

Sexting is more common than you might think and basically consists of sending “sexual” content through WhatsApp or other platforms.

To prevent this, there are free parental control programs in Spanish, so you no longer have any excuse.
4. Waste of time

According to a Qustodio study, children between the ages of 12 and 17 spend more hours on the internet than at school .

What does that mean?

That excessive use of the internet and mobile applications can limit the time they have to dedicate to other more important tasks.

For example, it can affect study time, even doing leisure activities.

That is why it is so important to use tools that allow limiting the abusive use of applications.

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Best parental control programs for minors on the internet for free and paid

1) Famisafe

Famisafe is one of the best parental control applications in Spanish on the market.

It has a version for both Android and iPhone.

In addition, you can try it for free without any kind of commitment, you only have to register on its website or download the mobile app.

Then you have to install the mobile application on both your devices and those of your children.

Finally, you will have to connect both devices and from the web or your app, you can have full control.

parental control program

The main functions of Famisafe are:

  • Real-time location to know where your children are.
  • Location history.
  • Location alerts for specific areas.
  • Report the activity of your child’s phone and applications.
  • Time control on screen and in applications.
  • App blocker.
  • Blocker of certain web pages.
  • Browsing history to know which websites your children visit.
  • YouTube monitoring.
  • Suspicious photo detector.

All this is what you can monitor with Famisafe, but if I had to highlight any, I would stick with the app blocker and activity monitoring.

Since it allows you to limit the use of applications and check what your children are doing on the internet.
2) Qustodio

Another of the best free parental control applications is Qustodio (although it also has a paid version).

It has availability for both Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and Kindle.

In addition, it also has a version for Schools to protect students.

free parental control tool

Some interesting Qustodio features are:

  • Set limits for the use of your children’s online activity.
  • Avoid access to dangerous content.
  • Porn blocker.
  • Follow up on social networks.
  • YouTube monitoring.
  • Games and apps blocking.
  • Control calls and SMS on Android.
  • Panic button.

Now, the most powerful features, you have to know that they are paid.
3) Secure Kids

Another parental control application on Android is Secure Kids that allows you to monitor all of your children’s Android devices.

As in the previous software, it has a free version and paid plans.

android parental control

Its main characteristics are:

  • Application monitoring.
  • Schedule breaks for devices to stop working.
  • Emergency button.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Geolocation.
  • Call monitoring.
  • Creation of alarms.
  • Web management.

The problem is that you can only monitor Android devices.
4) Parental Control in IOS

The best free IOS parental control App is the iPhone or iPad itself, as Apple with its own function.

It has its limitations, but if you don’t want to pay for PRO functions, (like the previous tools) it can be a good alternative.

Parental Control IOS

Among other things, you can:

  • Define content and privacy restrictions.
  • Prevent iTunes and Apple Store purchases.
  • Prevent content with certain ratings.
  • Restrict web pages.
  • Modify privacy settings.
  • Restrict Game Center.


5) Google Family Link

Family Link is the app that Google has to establish a series of digital rules when using the devices.

family link google

The options are not as advanced as in the previous ones, but it allows:

  • See the activity of your children and the time they spend in each app.
  • Manage your apps and block them.
  • Establish hours of use.
  • Lock devices.
  • See where your children are.

In addition, you can download it both on Google Play and in the App Store.

That is, it is available on both Android and IOS.
6) Norton Family

Another Parental Control Software is Norton Family .

It is paid, but you have a 30-day trial account to see all the potential it has.

Parental Control Software

The main functions are:

  • Supervision of the searches that are carried out.
  • Set device usage limits.
  • Access alerts to certain websites.
  • Know what videos your children watch.
  • Know the location of your children.
  • Monitor social networks.
  • Personal information protection.

The good thing is that it has a version for both Android and IOS.

Something that I also find interesting is that you can configure it to send you emails to check the reports.
7) Eset Parental Control

Eset is another free parental control tool for Android with a premium version.

It also allows you to set “time frames for fun” for when your children complete the tasks you send them.

In addition to setting usage time limits, exceptions can also be granted as a reward.

Parental Control Android

Its main characteristics are:

  • Control and block applications.
  • Time control of apps.
  • Supervision of the consulted websites.
  • Child locator.
  • Statistics with the use that your children carry out.


Tips to improve parental control in minors

In the end, the best way to prevent internet dangers and inappropriate content is through education.

These parental control software are only tools that we can use to be more secure.

But the key passes through the education itself in the families.

In being able to convey to our children why we determine content can be so dangerous for them.

Because there is no better medicine than prevention itself.

However, when choosing a software, I consider that a very important factor is that it allows parental control on YouTube .

Because YouTube is one of the favorite social networks of young people and the one they spend the most time on.

With which, being able to consult the search history and the reproductions is something really important.

I also appreciate very much that it allows to limit the time of the children in the applications and can know their location.