Stacy Diaz January 20, 2020
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How to Bring an SSL certificate

Its something I do without actually thinking about, just get another certificate and add it to the server so that the Site can load with https:// rather than http://I have used lots of different SSL providers, however I have discovered that the most reliable and simple to use is and their customer service and support is exceptional.That I will try to create this as step-by-step as I possibly can so it’s easy to follow.

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Component 1 — Creating the certification request Open the IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager Click on the server name on the left hand side and then double-click Server buy ssl Certificates uk On the right-hand-side of this server certificates section, click on Create Certificate Request

  1. The Request Certificate wizard is shown. The Common Name is the website URL that you are likely to make SSL. In this case, I’m creating a certification for a number of our systems.

There are two chief types of certification, single and wildcard. A single certificate is for one site (e.g., a wildcard certification is for numerous sub-domains at precisely the same domain (e.g. AND… and as many different sub-domains as you can think of) without needing to buy individual certificates for each sub-domain.

The single REALLY important part of this is the frequent name.

Click Next to continue Change the Bit length to even higher or 2048. A note of caution on this — if you alter it to a very large bit length it usually means the volume (size in kb) of pages being sent to and out of your website is significantly improved, but is significantly more secure.

You should not choose any placing lesser than 2048. As of October 2013, all certificates are revoked and 2048 is the new benchmark. Next we are picking somewhere to place the certification request (only a plain text file). I put this on the Windows Desktop for ease of obtaining in a couple of steps time.

Click the… button to choose the place

Installing the certification on the server You should have an email from TrustICO (in this example it took 12 minutes to get to me) with the topic RapidSSL Fulfillment E-Mail [certificate name]

Scroll down the email till you reach the –BEGIN CERTIFICATE—- part. I have (obviously) hashed out my certificate for security reasons.

Select the whole certificate (like the start and end lines) and Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C or Cmd+C).

Return to the host (or even if You’re already on it, get to the desktop computer )

  1. On the host, Open Notepad Glue in the certificate
  2. Click File, Save As and choose the Desktop again (or if like me you have a lot of certificates, create a folder to place them in)

Give the certificate a name you will remember (I always place the years in so that I can distinguish between various years worth of certifications ).

IMPORTANT — there have to be the expansion .cer at the end.

IMPORTANT — change the”Save As Type” to All Files (if you forget, It Is Going to include a .txt at the end of the document name, which you then have to eliminate to make it work)

Click on Save You should now see a certificate on your desktop computer (or the folder in which you stored it)

  1. Open IIS and go to the Server Certificates item Click on Complete Certificate Request on the right hand side
  2. Select Your certificate

IMPORTANT — Friendly Name — should you arranged a wildcard certificate it is REALLY IMPORTANT that you put the common name of the certificate as the friendly title (e.g. *.goodmorningpulse.

In this circumstance, as it was one certificate, not a wildcard its great to give it a name so that you know which is that on the listing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 in 10.15.15

Click on OK

IIS Parses the petition, and if effective (which it always needs to be in case you have established the certificate properly ) then it’ll add the certification to your record.

Component 4 — Binding the certification to the website

So that you have your certificate on your server, and at this point you need to inform your site to utilize it.

  1. On the left hand side, expand the Sites item in IIS
  2. Right-click on the Website you Want to utilize the SSL certificate for, and then click Edit Bindings

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 in 10.24.35

  1. The website bindings are displayed. Click on Add
  2. Change the type to https and then Choose your new certification

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.25.48

Click on OK and then Click Close

  1. The site will allow https connections! Its that simple!