Stacy Diaz January 31, 2020

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 Have a Look at Our Hosting Plans Webmail is the system which most people can use to Get their email.  It comes. It is a alternative that gives you a web-based process to operate email, Even though these tools aren’t as elaborate as state , Outlook.  

I’m going to explain to you how you can use Webmail out of cPanel Now. You can find a couple different methods, and I will go over each one.  For the most part, it. Using Webmail from cPanelIn the cPanel dashboard, scroll down and click the”EmailAccounts” tool. Before when developing a new email account, you accessed this.  

fast host webmail

Email Accounts ToolFind the email account you wish to openup.  Click on the”More”

Button on the right and choose,”Accessibility Webmail.”  Access WebmailA new tab pick Horde, Roundcube or even Squirrelmail.  Each of these are brands of email readers. Pick which one you want and log into the accounts.  

Default Mail AppAccess Webmail in the Address BarBy using the address bar another Approach to access Webmail is 

Of your browser.  By default, cPanel will assign Webmail to operate as an extension of your domain name.  

Input into your address bar to open the machine (substitute 

“” along with your domain name ):”yourdomain” for your own website.  Should you use an

SSL credentials attached to Your Site, you will want to use this instead: may open the screen of Webmail.  Input the Address and password app when you haven’t already.  

Open WebmailUsing Port Addressing

You can get Webmail by inserting the port number of Your own website.  Here will be the defaults for both SSL protected sites and routine domains:

SSL — may be easier to access your Webmail with The address I showed opposed to ports.  Sometimes ISPs will block access to those to combat spamming.  

Multiple Approaches to AccessThere are Loads of ways you can access email from your website.  Whether you’re going directly to Webmail or employing software like

Outlook or Thunderbird, you are always able to send and get messages.  By using this web-based app, you are merely given the capability to remain connected to your messages wherever you’re as long as you’ve got access to the net.  

Webmail & Mail Comprehensive and flexible email facilities for your Site Email ForwardingThis feature allows you @yourdomain.  You can forward each address to up to three addresses.  

Catch All Email Addresses This feature Enables You to forward ALL email from to any email address you choose, for example a hotmail or address.  

Mail BoxesThis feature permits you to add your account and mail boxes.  A Until you download it using an email client Mailbox stores mail on the server.  Email Distribution ListsMail distribution lists allow you to have a form that is very simple on Your site your users can subscribe or unsubscribe their email address from.  You may send an email to all members of the list using our simple system.  

Email Autoresponders This feature allows an email address on your account to Automatically respond with a certain message.  

Junk Mail Filters

Email before you receive it, this feature also allows you set an email address is being captured.  

WebMailWe provide among the most powerful and flexible WebMail Systems, characteristics include your own address book, search features, customisable Port and scheduling.  This feature May Be Used in conjunction Boxes.