Stacy Diaz January 31, 2020
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Webmail is the free system that most folks can utilize to Get their email.  It has a couple of basic editor programs which enable you to read and send messages.  Although these tools are not as complicated as state Outlook, it’s a option that provides you a method.  

Today, I’m going to explain to you just how to use Webmail. You will find a couple of different procedures, and I will go over each 1.  For the large part, it.  Using Webmail In the cPanel dash, scroll down and click on the”Mail  Accounts” tool.  Earlier when creating a new email account you probably got this.   Email Accounts ToolLocate the email account you want to open.  Click the”More” Button on the right and choose,”Accessibility Webmail.”  

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Access Webmail A new tab pick Horde Squirrelmail. 

Every one of these are brands of subscribers.  Choose which one you need and log in the email accounts.  

Default Mail AppAccess Webmail in the Address BarBy using the address bar, another method to access Webmail is  Of your browser.  By default, cPanel will assign Webmail to operate as an extension of your domain.  

Enter this into your address bar to start the system (substitute  “” with your domain name ):“yourdomain” for your own site.  If you use an

SSL certification attached to Your Site, you’ll want to use this instead: will open the login display of Webmail.  Enter the Password and address of the account that you wish to access and pick a default email app in case you have not already.  

Open WebmailUtilizing Port AddressingBy simply adding the number of you can also access Webmail 

Your own website.  Here are the defaults for both SSL protected websites and routine domains:

SSL — It may be easier to access your Webmail The address I showed as opposed to ports.  Sometimes ISPs will block access to combat spamming.  

Multiple Strategies to Get There are Lots of ways you can access email from your website.  Whether you’re going directly to Webmail or employing applications like

Thunderbird or Outlook, you are able to send and receive messages.  By Employing this app, you are only given the capacity to stay connected to your messages.  

Webmail & EmailFlexible and Detailed email facilities for your websiteEmail ForwardingThis feature allows you  @yourdomain. into any email address you choose, for example a hotmail or address.  It is possible to forward address up to to three different addresses.  

Catch All Email Addresses This feature Permits You to ALL email from into any email address you choose, for example a hotmail or address.  

Mail BoxesThis feature permits you to add your account and mail boxes.  A Mailbox stores mail on the server until you download it using an email client.  Email Distribution ListsMail distribution lists permit you to have a form on

Your site your users may subscribe or unsubscribe their email from.  You may send an email to members of this list using our system.  

Email AutorespondersThis feature allows an email address in your account Automatically respond with a message.  

Junk Mail FiltersJunk mail filters use special technology to strip out crap  Mail before you receive it, this feature also allows you set an email address to send the junk mail to so which you can check this address to ensure only junk mail is being caught.  

WebMailWe provide one of the WebMail Characteristics, systems include your personal address book, search features, customisable

Interface and monitoring.  This attribute can be used in conjunction with Mail Boxes.