Stacy Diaz February 3, 2020
funky umberella


Isotoner umbrellas to protect you from rainy days

Take advantage of free delivery from 39 € of purchases on the entire collection of umbrellas, this faithful and essential friend on rainy days! First a simple protective accessory, it quickly becomes a fashion accessory and is now an integral part of our outfits. As proof, it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and is sometimes even adorned with dancing patterns and harmonious and luxurious prints.


Leader of the umbrella in France and in the world, Isotoner offers you a very large choice of models and colors such as simple in black or trendy and multicolored. You will thus find French-made umbrellas for men , women and children funky umberella.


Choose your model from our folding umbrellas with automatic or manual opening. To adapt to all styles we offer cane umbrellas rights, to whale or bell. Blue, gray, pink, beige, red or burgundy, here are the elegant colors available for your selection. You can also choose the XXL or MINI sizes which slip easily into a pocket.


You will necessarily find the umbrella you need. All at competitive prices! The Isotoner research and development team is constantly innovating in the manufacture of its products to offer you models that are always more attractive, more practical and more resistant.


And because Isotoner knows that the number 1 criterion for purchasing an umbrella is SOLIDITY, all our models of umbrellas are created in France and are tested according to criteria of wind resistance, wear of the materials that make up the product and permeability. The latest Isotoner innovation: the X-TRA SOLID umbrella, very wind resistant and anti-rollover thanks to its reinforced structure. With Isotoner, find the umbrella that meets your needs and enjoy the best value for money!


To choose the right item, do not hesitate to consult our umbrella guide funky umberellafunky umberella.



A large selection of umbrellas for women

Take advantage of free delivery from 39 € of purchases on the entire umbrella collection s , very practical accessory in any season to protect from wind, rain but also from the sun. Isotoner offers you more than 80 models of women’s umbrellas, each of which can find the one that best suits them. The compact models withautomatic openingand ergonomic handles are very practical and can be stored very easily in your bag.


We also offer the traditional cane umbrellas large enough to ensure total coverage during your outings. Our articles are obviously very solid and always at unbeatable prices.


Ladies, make your umbrella a real fashion touch. Isotoner takes particular care in the design of umbrellas for women so that they are always fashionable according to the latest trends. So we decline our models in several colors, black, purple, cherry, pink, or multicolored blue and gray. You can also choose from our models with printed patterns, polka dots or stripes, there is something for everyone.