Stacy Diaz March 16, 2019
instagram followers

The moment you have gone on to start an online business, once a follower base would be setting things to become easy. Real looking Instagram followers purchase would be a worthy option. But trust me the first few followers on this platform really pose to be a major problem to avail. As an influencer or brand you need to showcase your skills. In no way, it seems it could be possible, but you can strike followers by following a few basic steps

You can enrol with various engagement groups

If you are starting on how to gain followers on this social platform?  For a newbie, this tactic could do wonders. A lot of followers have gone on to increase their followers on Instagram? Now what they do differently in the first place. It can be tempting to join a group, but a better idea if you are able to stick to a specific group. Different type of engagement group for travels or beauty and even fashion you can locate.

Though with immediate sales, this might not give you results, but in the long run, will add up to your credibility. This could work out to be a short term strategy in the first few months on Instagram.

Reposting content of others

When you were starting an Instagram account a viable strategy would be to post others content.  The only way you can go on to avoid it would be flagging the original description. This social platform has put in some protocols and you need to seek permission before you post.

You can promote your account on Buzzfeed

In order to gain that massive benefit, you need to be tapping on to a viable audience. Buzzfeed does seem to be one of the attractive options to popularize your account. There does appear to be a community section where each one can post anything. But here also you need to comply with the guidelines. If this does not appear to be your tool there are others also that would be of help.

You can ask customers to share photos

Once you are starting in this domain getting followers will be easy if you have customer photos in your feed. For sure this would go on to increase your social proof.

In case if there has never been a customer before reaching out to influencers in your specific domain. If a couple of purchases are there, you can reach out to the clients and ask them about any product they have gone on to purchase. To offer incentives in the long term would not be your cup of time. As a short term strategy, it could bear fruits. Once a customer does locate a lot of photos on your account they would gradually tag you.

Last but perhaps the most important point of consideration would be to have a style that people can relate to. The consumers should like the content and need to look forward to what you are planning to post.