Stacy Diaz February 3, 2020
heavy duty backpack

The Balthazar Active Blue is the ideal format for a contemporary city dweller. This bag offers the perfect mix between its original material and its careful details. It will allow you to be perfectly organized with its side quick access pocket, its front pocket, its side pocket and its inside pocket. Well thought out, your 13 inch laptop will be safe in its padded pocket closed by a waterproof zip. You will love its ultra comfortable back, its padded straps and its resolutely refined look. To keep all your stuff dry, the material is water repellent  heavy duty backpack.

Storage  :

1heavy duty backpack

1 interior zipped pocket

1 waterproof zipped pocket for a 15 inch computer

1 side zipped pocket

1 front zipped pocket


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Exterior: Polyester

Lining: Polyester 

Back and straps reinforced with high density foam


Clean with a damp cloth

Do not machine wash

Do not use detergent or bleach

Dry in the shade

Caring for your backpack

Let the mud and dirt dry and then scrub them with a soft bristle brush.

Clean the oil and other grease stains with a mild soap. And then, rinse well with cold or lukewarm water. Don’t rub too hard!

Never put your backpack in the washing machine.

Do not use synthetic detergents.

Let your backpack dry slowly, but never in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

If you carry insecticides in your backpack, wrap them in an old cloth. Any leaks from these products could indeed damage your backpack.

Putting on your backpack, instructions for use

A trekking or hiking backpack is cutting edge technology: with different straps, you adapt the backpack to your size and physique. It is best to do this immediately in the store when you buy your backpack; This way you are sure that your backpack will be fine. But which loop to start with? Small practical manual in eight steps.

Back from hiking, you throw your backpack directly into the wardrobe? Too bad, because by maintaining it properly, you will keep it longer. So keep these tips in mind.Step 1

Pay attention to the  length of the back (1). Most backpack brands offer frames that can  be adjusted to the millimeter . Once the back is fixed in the right position , it will not move for the rest of its life as a traveling companion.

2nd step

Tighten the  luggage straps   (2). Remember not the  straps of compression (3) on the side. They ensure that your backpack becomes one with your body, which relieves  you greatly.  

Stage 3

Undo all the other belts.

Step 4

Put on the backpack, lean slightly forward and fasten the  belt abdominal (4) at hip height (2/3 and 1/3 on your hips above). Please note: your  hips should bear the biggest weight , not your shoulders or your back. So be sure to tighten the belt securely.

Step 5

Straighten up and tighten the  belts of the shoulder (5). Buckle the  strap of chest (6) half of the shoulder straps. Also stretch this strap.

If the lap belt is too high, the shoulder strap is too small.

If the shoulder straps do not closely follow the shoulders, the strap is too large.

Step 6

Tighten the  stabilization straps  of the abdominal belt  (7). They extend obliquely from the abdominal belt to the backpack. 

Step 7

Tighten  the shoulder strap stabilization straps  (8). They ensure that your backpack follows the movement of your body.

Step 8

Make a few  movements with your bag on your back. You will immediately notice how comfortable it is  . If not, try another model!

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Filling a trekking or hiking backpack is not very complicated… but to do it cleverly is another pair of sleeves. Our experts show you here the ropes.