Stacy Diaz October 20, 2018

Do you know that what amazing functions are performed by these cleaver knives, we will explain to you. Check out the details of these kitchen hacks and just leave every single cutting job of yours to the cleaver. This trust and longlasting Chinese blade can do a great number of miracles for you. Apart from the chopping job, it has more surprises for you! These four important things and kitchen hacks are easily performed by this chopping tool. This knife just goes far beyond the chopping task and it is true.

For chopping- Use cleaver knives

  • If you want to prepare your ingredients for cutting then it will be best if you are going to get a cleaver knife in your hands. It is because of this cleaver wide blade that all your cutting job will become quick and fast.
  • This cleaver knife has a wide blade and all its sides are nice and broad looking. This chopping tool can easily and quickly chop all vegetables for you.

To Pound a chicken breast- Use a cleaver knife

  • You do not have to search all through in your cluttered drawers to get a fancy looking kitchen hammer for the completion of pounding job. You can simply use a cleaver knife to pound any of the chicken breasts.
  • We know that a kitchen hammer performs a pounding job, but as an alternative, you can use a cleaver knife as well. You can use the butt of your cleaver handle for this specific job. You can tenderize all kinds of tough cuts by making the correct use of this knife. It is due to the natural weight element present in this knife that you get more control on this knife.

Act as a descaler

  • You will not imagine and this is a surprising fact for you that the armpit of any cleaver knife does come out as a great descaler. Now you do not have to get scared because of the scales present in the whole fish. This descaling job is done in a perfect way by this cleaver knife.
  • Descale your fish, mash some ginger and garlic and put this entire stuff into your fish before you grill it out. Both of these jobs, that is descaling and mashing can be flawlessly done by a cleaver.

Use it as a peeler

  • You can use a cleaver knife as a peeler too! You can use its blade in a back and forth movement so that peeling job can be done easily.
  • This peeling technique is mostly applied to the oblong-shaped kind of ingredients, just keep your hands and fingers all safe while you use a cleaver knife as a peeler.

To go through the latest collection on Damascus steel knives and Damascus steel sword, do stay connected with us. Meanwhile, you can try all of these kitchen hacks which are perfectly performed by a cleaver knife, more of its surprising uses will be told to the readers.