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Utility Kits are an updated version of the traditional wedding kilt Woolen tartan kilts made in the Scottish Highlands. These kilts were designed for greater durability and, for lack of a better term… utility. Utility Kilts are Off-road SUVs like Hummers, Range Rovers and Raptors. They can be used anywhere and are built tough. Utility Kilts can do so much more than regular kilts. Our utility kilts have been designed to meet modern needs. Not to mention, they look great enough to wear on semi-formal occasions. Utility kilts can be tough, durable, and stylish.

Get our Deluxe Utility KiltsOur Deluxe utility Kilt is an evolution from the Tartan Kilt but it’s designed to be compatible with modern styles. It’s not easy to find casual clothes that match tartans. You can still wear traditional tartans casually. Yes. It’s just easier to find something in your closet that won’t make you stand out from the crowd.

Before we move into styling and fashion. Let’s look at the Deluxe Utility Kilts.

FabricAll of the fabric used to make our Kilts is 100% heavy-duty Cotton. Cotton is a lightweight fabric, so it’s not as hot and thick as wool. This allows our Kilts to breathe easily while still providing comfort. According to them, the Kilt’s greatest attribute is the comfort it provides for its wearer, particularly down under. If you use a breathable fabric, like cotton, imagine how much ventilation that will be available. Our Deluxe Leather Fastening System is included with all Utility Kilts. It guarantees that your kilt is perfectly fitted.

Utility kilts work well in high-activity situations, especially in summer. It keeps you cooler. You can use it indoors and outdoors. Cotton kilts are not designed to stick to the skin, leaving it sensitive and irritated. Chafing won’t be a problem as they will not restrict your movement.
You can reduce your range of motion.

Utility Kilts are available in a traditional Knife pleated and a box pleated style. This design allows the pleats more control than traditional tartan kilts’ knife pleats. Our kilts come with box pleats as well as a Velcro strap or deluxe leather fastening system, depending on the model of utility Kilt you choose. You can adjust the size of your kilt micro-to ensure a perfect fit every time. This hip fastening system is a modern interpretation of the traditional tartan-kilt buckle hip system.

Our heavy-duty fabric, knife pleat design, leather fastening system are all combined. It doesn’t matter what strenuous activity it is, such as running, hiking, blacksmithing, fire juggling, or working out at the gym. Our kilts are flexible and will keep you cool. This is comfort at its best.

Utility Kilts have Other Benefits

Utility kilts, especially in Avant-garde communities, are more common. This once-popular symbol of rebellion and freedom has now become a symbol to show masculinity, uniqueness, and style. Utility kilts can be made in modern variations and do not carry the legacy of Tartan Kilts. While we can be more bold and free-spirited in our design choices, it is possible to respect the heritage of our kilt designs.

Detachable cargo pockets are also available in our utility kits. There’s no need to worry about where you can put your wallet or phone while rocking your kilt. There’s no need to carry a Sporran, although they are still very cool. So that your kilt can be used on different occasions, we made our cargo pockets removable. You can wear our utility kilts at all occasions, including formal and casual events.

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