Stacy Diaz August 6, 2019
Traveling to Casablanca

Planning to make a trip to the city of Casablanca Morocco? For sure it would be a great time and you do consider yourself to be in the luck group. If you have time at your peril it does stand out to be a great place to visit. The question that might come to your mind would be what would be the use of transport. A general idea would be to go for the option of rental car services as it does have various advantages. Here we are going to discuss it and the uses you are going to have as well.

The best mechanism to explore Casablanca would be to hire a rental car. This appears to be the place where Arab meets Europe and it ranks to be among the top modern cities of the world. The best part would be that there does exist a lot of things to plan out in this city. So renting a car does provide to be the best course of action. Renting a car stands to be in no comparison to other modes of transport and all this would be possible at an affordable cost. When you rent a car you do gain a flashback about the great movie of Casablanca. This place was under the French colony and this was still the period of the 1930’s. If you observe the architecture of the place you have a concise idea about it. When you have a car you would be able to explore the length along with the breadth of the city. Be it the beautiful art or a cup of mint tea.

Most of the agencies do roll out promotional offers in terms of rent a car. This would depend upon the model of the car that you go on to choose. Whatever may be your budget needs, for sure appears to be a car that would suit your needs. In modern times you may come across the offers on the internet and it would be important that you do cash in on them. In the process, you might strike some interesting deals and make some savings on the way as well. For sure this would be one of the best cities to visit in order to explore your freedom. If you really want some freedom then a private car would be a great option.

A single day trip with a rent a car

The country has a diverse landscape and this could be the main source of revenue as well. You would come across this place as an epitome of art and architecture. This city is a mix of traditional and modern values. The historical and cultural aspects of the city would be a major point of consideration. The best part would be that if you have a mere 24 hours, there does arise a lot of things that you can explore about this beautiful destination.

You can start off your day with a breakfast at Paul and that would be a French bakery. At this place, the art decoration would really leave you gaga. In this villa, there would be a mad rush of people. In fact, it does appear to be a place where people hang out a lot.

Once the breakfast happens to be over, then you can head over to the Hassan 2 mosque. This does not appear to be among the age-old mosques of the country, but the construction of it was over in the 1990 ’s. It does rank among the top mosques of the world. In fact, it does present itself to be one of the mosques where non-Muslims can visit. In order to do so, it would be better if you opt for a tour package. Close to 25,000 people can worship at a single time in this mosque.

Once a visit to the mosque appears to be over, then it does mean the lunch time. You can hop over to Rick’s café. If you visit this place your memory would cast back to the movie of the 1940’s Casablanca. Just visit this place on a Sunday for a live Jazz session.

Then you break off the extra calories during lunch with a wonderful walk all around the city. It does give you an opportunity to explore the historical and cultural sites of the city and this would mean the Quartier Habous. You will come across that a French Morocco culture exists here. At the same time, you can undertake some shopping along with other delights. It happens to be the Medina which works out to be a mixture of the two cultures. This place does appear to be successful and draws people in both commercials along with homemade goods. Once dinner arrives you have a lot more options.