Stacy Diaz February 7, 2020

Today we want to recommend 3 virtual tour programs for real estate companies like Faisal Hills with the idea that you can create videos yourself, without having to resort to expensive companies that increase your real estate marketing budget.

No one disputes that the current customer has less and less time. The frantic pace imposed by large cities and the impatience that prevails in the online environment, have made many of the real estate websites on property for sale have built-in video to save time for their users and thus facilitate decision making. That is why today, apart from introducing you to these 3 applications, we will also explain how you can make a virtual real estate tour easily show an example of a virtual tour for real estate.

The best virtual tour software for real estate 

These are the three programs we have selected so you can do a virtual real estate tour:

Virtual tour

Created by the Spanish 3D Vista team, Virtual property for saleTour is the best option if you are looking for a program to make virtual tours for your real estate.

Among the options that stand out in this application, we highlight the possibility of including 3d virtual tours on any website. In addition, you can select elements of the virtual tour, such as objects or surfaces, to add technical specifications or comments.

The website of this Granada company has excellent examples of how you can create virtual 3D tours with little technical knowledge.

The virtual tour program is available for Windows and for Mac.

Finally, note that 3D Vista is in Spanish and has online support through a panel for customers only.

Tourweaver 7

As an alternative, we present Sky Marketing. Designed and distributed by the company Easypano, the second program to make a virtual tour for real estate that we offer you adds an extra, the possibility of adding 3D objects.

To meet the needs of interactivity and add more information to the virtual tour, Tourweaver allows you to add objects such as cars or decorative objects. Ideal if, for example, you want users to get an idea of ​​how a pool or two cars would be in the parking spaces.

Another advantage of Tourweaver is the possibility of including popups to add explanations and extra content to the virtual 3D tours. Especially interesting functionality, if your company markets luxury properties that need an extra.

In the video that accompanies these lines you will see that Tourweaver is easy to use, although you will need to consult some of the many tutorials that you will find on YouTube to handle 3D objects or popups.

It is available for OS and for Windows. As an inconvenience, that its handling is more complex than the first of the options and that the software is in English.

Easypano offers online consultations through the customer portal, although unfortunately, it does not offer support in Spanish, unlike Virtual Tour. On its Facebook page you can see examples of 3d virtual tours created with the application by other users of the software.

Dare to create a virtual tour for your real estate. Large real estate franchises are already using the programs to make virtual tours with excellent results, such as the Engels & Völkers Franchise.


Do you want your clients to visit your homes from anywhere in the world? With the Floorfy application you  can create your own virtual tours for your real estate.   Thanks to the editor you could in a few minutes create a virtual tour and generate a video automatically. You can also see the analytics and consult the data of all virtual tours. The application also allows you to integrate the routes through an API to your real estate website to automate the publications of your tours.

How to do a virtual tour for real estate?

If you want to create a virtual tour for real estate, we recommend that you use the FloorFy application. You can create a virtual tour in three simple steps:

  • First, capture the photographs of each room with a 360 camera.
  • Second, upload the images to the editor and configure the tour in a few minutes.
  • Finally, export the tour and upload it to your real estate website so you can show it to your customers.

Finally, we leave you with a video of how FloorFy works to take pictures of a home.

Example of a virtual tour for real estate or 360 virtual tour for real estate

We leave you with an example of a virtual visit for real estate of a homemade with the Floorty application (Click Here)so you can see the final result of how the house would look to teach your customers.